As a new wave of infections hits the city …

I  felt sad when I heard that there was a community outbreak of Covid-19 in Hong Kong. In June, I thought we would be free from the coronavirus in Hong Kong very soon. Although Hong Kong people reacted positively to prevent the virus from spreading, there comes a third wave of cases everywhere. At present we need to be extra careful and vigilant: wearing a mask whenever we go out. Frequent hand washing or using hand sanitizer should be a habit. And it helps a lot. Observe social distancing and avoid mass gatherings. Strict rules must be implemented. Not only Hong Kongers will be affected but all of us who are working here. As a migrant worker I will follow the rules not just for myself but for all to be safe.

My employer still allows me to go out but she reminds me not to go to crowded places and always wear a mask and wash hands or if it’s not too important, just stay home. 

 — Milagros Aldovino

I feel more scared this time because the cases seem to be everywhere. I am more cautious when I go out and I will carefully choose where to go. I’m not comfortable going out. Now we spent less time buying food and most of the time we order some stuff online. With two children to handle at home and with little space, I’m trying hard to manage too. Moreover, my employers are now in a higher position with more pressure in the office, which affect my work as they come home really tired.           

— Jocelyn Barite

I feel unsafe when I go to the market or ride a bus on my days off. I prefer staying at home for my own safety. Well for now we better cooperate with our employers if they want us to stay at home during days off. It’s for our own safety also. Please if it’s not that important don’t go out specially now that the number of confirmed cases is still increasing. Since the beginning of the outbreak of the coronavirus I am scared of going out, having gathering with my friends, eating outside or going to church. I would prefer attending the actual Mass but because of the present situation all Church activities are put to halt. I will miss the actual Masses and my church services. In the meantime, as we are facing this crisis, let us not be downtrodden but be more vigorous in our prayers. We will surpass these trials in God’s time. I also take this opportunity to thank my employer in updating me about the number of cases and places that has confirmed cases.

— Darlene Dagohoy

The third wave of infections just show that the pandemic is not over yet. And the devastating effect of the virus will appear in all sectors. 

My employer is not stricter than before but they keep reminding me to be extra careful and avoid crowded places. I still have my regular day off but most likely I will opt to stay in my room instead of going out. Precaution is the best thing I can do. 

 — Lee Lee

The third wave of coronavirus in Hong Kong worries me more and I am afraid of going outside especially to crowded places. The new cases increase in numbers every day and it is alarming. My employer is so worried too and she keeps reminding me to wear mask, bring sanitiser everytime I go out. They allow me to go out during my holiday and I need to be extra careful wherever I go.

With the present situation, it is indeed sad that for the second time Masses are suspended again. We just enjoyed a few weeks of attending it and now we are back to participating online Mass. Although we can receive spiritual communion, I still prefer receiving communion sacramentally.

I know that the government of Hong Kong is doing their best in controlling the pandemic and we need to follow their rules and cooperate if we want to enjoy a Covid-free environment. We should never lose our hope!   

— Rosita Manangbao

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