Being evangelised by non-Christian friends in Tai O

In the midst of society’s turmoil, love prevails. On Saturday, August 31, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel in Tai O organised an afternoon gathering for the elderly people living in and around Tai O  to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. While a hundred and fifty senior citizens and volunteers were immersed in activities ranging from solving traditional riddles to dance and singing performances, an elderly man was spotted quietly enjoying himself in the corner of the hall. He was 84 years old Uncle Choi, who lived all his life in Tai O. 

“I studied at Wing Choh School in the 50s and I haven’t been back for almost 60 years!” reminisces Uncle Choi. A few days before the event when the volunteers were distributing free tickets to the elderly near Wing Choh School, which closed down in 2003 and now serves as a retreat house, they ran into Uncle Choi. 

Deeply moved by the gesture of the volunteers, the old man treated all the participants, including the elderly, their helpers, the organisers and the volunteers with a big dinner at a local restaurant after the Mid-Autumn Festival gathering. 

Sitting next to his niece, Uncle Choi seldom talked but smiled from time to time, especially when he saw the elderly enjoying their meal. Just like many of the older generation, he tended to keep his sentiments to himself. However, his face glowed when he saw one of his classmates in the gathering. 

Among the many groups of guests, one would not overlook a group that were remarkably happy, taking photos and laughing heartily. They were the helpers of the elderly! They savoured every moment of this special occasion, catching up and dining with their neighbours.

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Although Uncle Choi is not a Catholic, yet his deeds remind us of what Jesus taught us—“love your neighbour as youself” (Mark 12: 31). Thank you, Uncle Choi for the love you put into what you do! We wish him good health and abunance of blessings!                                   

                                  Heidi Ho

Author: SundayExam