How to solve generation gaps?

Being a mother of millenial children, oftentimes different thinking methods between me and them lead to misunderstanding. They tend to do things on their own way, and they want to be heard when they speak about what they believe. My traditional methods seem ineffective in capturing their interest as they are more liberal and modernised. I resolve this gap simply by talking with them. I listen to what they are implying and I respect whatever plans they have as long as it is for their betterment and at the same time I tell them to listen and respect my opinions as well due to mutual respect. It is a mutual agreement sealed by love. 

— Jenen Lahaylahay

There’s a big gap between parents and children partly because of technological changes. My experience from the past is different from what is happening right now. We cannot use the same techniques our parents used on us. Children now are intelligent and more mature than we were at the same age. We don’t need to force our children to follow what we did in the past. In order to avoid the gap among family members we must have a constant communication to prevent misunderstandings. Be open minded as we need to learn and accept our mistakes.

— Precy Joy Marcial

Generation gap is inevitable. We have to tackle it especially as a parent. In our family it only means a small difference between the parents and the children and it is just a matter of understanding between both sides. It doesn’t mean you’re always right because you are the parent. Sometimes a parent needs to step down to the children’s level in order to understand them better, which is especially important if proper guidance for the children is needed. 

Sometimes parents like to compare the previous generation with the present one which is totally wrong. The generation before is far too different from that of today. Parents should understand that time by time things are changing. 

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My husband and I have agreed to understand the situation of our children even though they are grown ups. Sometimes we tend to join their youngsters’ activities in order to fully understand them. We always talk to them and explain to them whatever is happening in our surroundings. We taught them that the problem of one in the family is the problem of all. We encourage them not to hide anything from us. So far it’s working. They don’t feel ashamed to talk or share anything with me through the mobilephone apps since I’m away from home. I always feel the warmth of my children’s love for us. I can say that guidance from the Lord and good communication are the only solutions for generation gaps no matter whether it is big or small.

— Maria Ocheda

I t is better to have a good conversation and communication with our family especially if we are far from our loved ones in order to avoid any gaps and misunderstanding. It is especially true in my case as a single mother.

— Carolina Papiona

Modern technologies and different lifestyle today are the reasons for generation gap. However, I think positive values and the united spirit of a family can be passed through time. In order to have better understanding, open communication with one another can minimise the gaps.

— Jenny Rumbaoa

My parents were so strict in disciplining us and would resort to spanking our butt when we made mistakes. We all know that they were just doing their job as parents to make us better persons. 

As I become a parent, I could not discipline my son as my parents did because children nowadays are more agressive and sensitive. I often have to talk to him in a tactful way so that he cannot feel that I am really angry. I must be a pleasant mom for him so he will know that I will support him when he faces problems. But at the same time I also need to make him realise that he has made mistakes so that he can learn.

 — Gemma Villanueva

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