How do you feel while attending Mass online?

For me the actual Mass is much better as I can concentrate more easily while being present in the ceremony and joining with others in prayers. Also being inside the church, I can feel directly the solemnity of the Mass. 

However, it is not a problem if I watch the online Mass. Our faith is what is important. It does not really matter whether we attend a Mass through online or an actual participation. It is in the attitude and way of praying of a person. 

An advantage of an online Mass is that we can repeatedly watch it. There are some online Masses that are pre-recorded. And there are Tagalog Masses celebrated in some churches in The Philippines that can be watched on YouTube.

— Maria Lee Albento

I  feel happy attending Mass online and I still find it a blessing. As we all know God is everywhere and I feel his presence as like in a real Mass. The only sad thing is that we can not receive the actual communion but only the spiritual communion. Being used to receive his body and blood every Sunday, I feel something lacking but we cannot do anything about it because of the present situation we are facing. I always watch Mass online every Sunday and it helps me keep my faith and to find a way to strengthen it more. Through our prayers we know that everything will be restored to normal. We just need to ask God to heal our lands from this horrifying pandemic.

— Andrea Faderguya

I am extremely happy attending the online Mass because I feel like I am also in the church. It strengthens my faith because whenever I want to listen to the Word of God I can just use my phone to watch the Sunday Mass through the webcast. I also read the Bible. I pray a lot, meditate and reflect on the Bible readings. I also visit the church for a while and pray. This helps me maintain my spiritual life. And finally, I spend a short time to meet some friends. I hope and pray that the pandemic will be gone soon so that the Sunday Mass will resume as soon as possible.                                                              

— Shionie Gacutan

Online Mass is one way that helps me to become more spiritually active even though we can’t go to church. It also helps me grow personally. In fact, the pandemic helps me to have a deeper understanding in life and gives me hope amid my troubles.

This season I just keep my faith even when a problem arises. It helps me have a positive outlook in every situation, that all things happening do happen for a reason. They can all be overcome sooner or later. I trust that everything that is meant for my life will eventually unfold that I just need to be strong and continue to hold on to my faith.

Thinking in this way helps me deepen my faith and relationship to our Lord Jesus Christ. Hoping and praying that the epidemic will end and everything will be back to normal so that we can go to church and receive Jesus sacramentally.

— Regielyn Nava

Being a regular Mass goer or I should say, a Church servant, it is hard to think of this kind of situation when I cannot attend the actual Mass. I used to do it every Sunday and it is part of my life. But attending Mass online is fine, and we have no choice. Perhaps online Mass makes me more attentive because of the serenity of being alone. I can meditate deeper the Gospel message in the homily. If we are really attached to our Lord Jesus Christ and know that he is with us wherever we are, our faith is alive! God is with us no matter what.

— Maricel Viernes

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