Never push people to change

While arguing with a family member or a friend, we may think that if we insist on something, the other side may change. For example, we may insist that our children should help with a chore or our friend should give up a habit.

However, the real intention to change comes from one’s heart instead of from any forces outside as no one likes to be controlled. Before pushing others to change, we need to wait for a chance to change their hearts first. It can be a book, a movie or your simple compliment for what that person has done to let her see the good consequence of making changes.

One important point is never get angry when a person refuses to change. There is no absolute right or wrong and your friend may have a reason to keep her habit. Sometimes it is easier to change our own views so that both sides can live in peace.

Give yourself a break and try to appreciate the good qualities of the other side.

Gloria Ruiz

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