Good happenings during the pandemic

The global pandemic Covid-19 causes health and economic problems such as lack of food, suspension of all the classes, and cancellation of jobs. Our country and the world is suffering. In spite of these problems, many heroes and good deeds can be found as we try to conquer this said pandemic. People all over the world show and strengthen our bayanihan spirit by giving what they have and by offering their hands to support the victims and our frontliners. This phenomenon also sets to heal our world. According to some researches, our pollution reaches its low peak, rivers were cleanse and even our air and water pollution problems have been relieved.

Also, while workers, students and government staff stay at home since quarantine is being implemented in the Philippines, families have more time to bond and have quality time together. It also brought us to realise the importance of one another, our care to one another and our love for our family. Our faith and devotion become more stronger and firm. 

Above all, even in the darkest and trying times, we still see light and hope of our people for our country. We tend to see the bigger picture and focus ourselves to God. We choose to be positive among the big trial, and we devote our time and prayers to God for we believe that the pandemic will pass.

— Jeramae Abordo

During this pandemic time, I could see the generosity of many people. They helped one another as they donated canned goods, rice and others daily necessities. People became prayerful and caring. Family bonding became stronger since they are all at home in the lockdown. The government has allotted a budget to assist the poor. Although there is a saying that it is hard to please everyone, we can still see and hear some citizens complaining about the insufficiency of the government. But as a whole, I think the coronavirus outbreak brought unity amongst people.

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— Sherylyn Cueto

During this worldwide calamity, it is good to see that the Philippine government has immediately taken actions to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. However it would be better if the local government is being monitored. I know that many people went out of their house to get relief goods but got nothing as they were not relatives or friends of the local government officials. It was really true as my daughter and our neighbours living in Parañaque were deprived of such relief goods. So how much more would the poorest suffer! If the national government won’t control the local government or the Department of Social Welfare and Development, the needy will not receive anything. There are honest officials but money is the root of all evils. Sorry if I offend anybody but I am concerned that the poorest are those who suffer more in this calamity. 

— Pearl Rivera

D uring the pandemic my family became closer and open to one another. We gave extra concern about one another. We discuss the present situation and keep ourselves updated. One of the best thing that ever happened is that it is easier to reach one other as we are less busy. We can also see people being more prayerful. We cling tighter to God for he is the only one who can save us. The faith of the people became stronger. Moreover, we became aware of sanitation and clean hygiene.

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— Mylene Pablico

We see many modern heroes risking their lives to take care of the sick, for instance, our frontliners. What cannot be forgotten are those working in the service sectors like the waiters, street cleaning workers and garbage collectors. They are the ones working with a high risk. Now we learn to appreciate them even more. This pandemic has also stirred up the goodness and generosity of people as they share what they have with those in need. There are no difference between the rich or the poor when they are willing to lend a helping hand. People learned to value life. This pandemic also made family members closer. People pray more often among their worries. In this fearful situation, we can see some good values.

— Narlene Valenzuela

The most beautiful thing I can see now is the helping hands to fight the pandemic. People realise how important it is to give time to their family, and be prayerful and united.

— Anisel Gallego

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