How do you feel about going back to Mass?

I  am grateful that through the guidance of the Lord I am safe from the pandemic. I also thank God for answering my prayer as Masses resume and I am able to go back to serve. For the previous four months I had depended on the live web casts of Mass and performed acts of devotions. But I felt incomplete without receiving the Holy Communion. In our everyday lives, we have encountered many challenges. Attending Church services is not only an obligation but also the source of our strength. In tough times, we will find that attending Masses can uplift our spirits and help us see things in better light. Being a better servant can also bring us more inspirations in our spiritual lives. Simply put, attending the Mass is good for the salvation of our soul.

— Hazel Egcalinos

When I was a kid, I always saw my grandma attending Mass during Sundays, praying the Angelus (in Latin) and the rosary. Since then, I attended Mass regularly and prayed the Angelus whenever I heard our big church bell ring. During lockdown I prayed most of the time for all people across the globe so God will protect us from the virus. Attending Mass on TV or social media is far different from the actual Mass in church. Now that the churches reopened, of course I am happy and excited that I can feel again the serenity and peace whenever I go to church. I will meet again personally my friends and relatives even though there’s a need for social distancing. Most of all I feel happy to serve again Our God and our church.

— Pinky de Mesa 

It’s a great feeling that we are now able to attend the actual Mass after several months of suspension because of Covid-19 pandemic. Truly I feel delighted about the resumption of the Mass and receive Jesus in the Sacraments. How I really thirsted for this day to come. Though I attend the online Mass, it still is different from an actual celebration. Serving him is the best I can do as a believer. 

— Marilyn Pineda

It brought me great joy with the news that the Mass would resume. How thankful I was to the Lord and finally I am able to receive him in the Sacraments. The actual celebration of the Mass has greater impact for me although I also feel the presence of the Lord watching the online Mass. Going back to church and serving makes my Sunday fulfilled. And thank God because we survived this pandemic .  

— Teresita Talucod

I feel anxious because the Covid-19 virus is still around and there is no vaccination to protect us from getting infected. But I do believe that God will protect us or heal us from this pandemic virus. Prayer is the most powerful weapon to fight against this pandemic. Yes we can pray wherever we are but I do miss attending Holy Mass and serve the Lord. To serve him in the Mass is my duty and it is an important part of practising my Catholic faith and belief in our Lord God. But while attending the Mass, we need to protect ourselves too. We must practise social distancing, wear a face mask and sanitise our hands before receiving the communion. 

— Cathy Zuniga

I feel so blessed to go back to church and serve as a choir member. I strongly believe that singing is praying twice. After the suspension of Masses, going back to service and sing once again is a great privilege for me, though singing with a mask on is a bit difficult. I am also thankful that the virus shows signs of being under control now and it seems that many activities are resuming. 

— Shaina Marie Tan

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