The difficulties of being kind

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Being kind or nice can be easy, but it highly depends on the situation. It is not always easy to be kind to others, particularly when some one is sarcastic. It is especially challenging when people are still mean even if you are nice. Kindness is hard when your brain wants to judge and judgement can give you an excuse to act badly. It is also not easy to be nice when you are wronged or hurt by others. Under such situations, my heart will be hardened and they are the times I need prayers. 

— Angel Benipayo

I do find it hard to be kind if someone hurts my feelings. But in my own opinion, when someone hurts me, instead of being mad towards that person,  I choose to forgive and forget, just to have peace of mind. 

That’s the kindness I can give not only to others but also to myself. 

On the other hand, we may not get any appreciation from others for the good things we have done. But in fact appreciation is not necessary. Because I know in my heart that I did something good. However it is uplifting and encouraging to hear the gratefulness of the people around me, which inspires me the more to do good.


It feels good to be kind to others especially to those people who need help. But it is also possible that despite your kindness there are people who cannot appreciate it. That is the time it is hard to be kind. Though there were times that I encountered ungratefulness from the person I helped, I ignore that negative response and continue to do what is right to other people. Being kind to everyone is the only way to alleviate the suffering of a person and that is what life is all about. It fills my heart with lasting joy.

— Mitch Latchica

The difficulty of being kind to others is that we have to carefully consider their feelings. It can be a sensitive issue if the person in need does not want help. 

On the other hand, some people are afraid of getting hurt so they build an invisible shield around themselves to protect their feelings. In return, it will stop them from being kind to others. 

 — Milajean Malodrigo

I find it hard to be kind to others sometimes when I fail to maintain my connection with my Father in heaven due to being busy with my work. I believe that losing connection with God due to lack of prayer will cause my human weakness to operate because of the frailty of the flesh. That is why sometimes I lose self control and can be impatient. I will become unkind with other people specially to those who are bullying, hostile and critical.

— Gloria Monteclaro

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