Great reward in heaven — in memory of Gina Lopez

I just can’t help but share the little bit I have known about Gina Lopez who passed away on August 19 and whose death we mourned. She left us with many inspiring stories of her life, works and mission while she was still alive.

I only have known and heard the name Gina Lopez when she was appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte to be the secretary of Department of Environment and Natural Resources in 2016. From there on I learned to love Lopez.

I could feel and see her sincerity and deep love for service, so genuine and pure, compassionate to the poor and needy especially the abused Filipino children which was why she led a hands-on foundation that helps the abused, abandoned and unloved Filipino children. She was so passionate too about our environment and the natural world. She was just so brave and bold about her opposition to the mining companies which have brought massive destructions to our natural lands, a home to Filipino people.

In just a short span of time Lopez’ position was taken away from her but it did not stop me from admiring her, as I see the beauty of her heart. Her works were pure and authentic. She lived out her words. She gives hope to many hopeless people not just limited to Filipinos but as far as Africa. She lived with the poor there. She fed the hungry and clothed the naked. She was indeed a hero to many.

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She left behind her well-off life and lived among the poorest in Africa. She helped bring to life some dead rivers of Manila. I believe there are still many works and deeds of Lopez we may not have seen and known but one thing I am certain about is that her reward is great in heaven.

She was a real warrior of nature against its perpetrators, a lover of justice, a bearer of God’s love, hope and kindness. She opened many eyes, moved many hearts and touched many lives. She completed her earthly mission yet left us with so much inspiration to do the same.

We may not be challenged to do great things like Lopez but we can take small steps and do small things with great love in our hearts. She may have gone but her beautiful and extra ordinary life will live in the hearts of many.

                       Lynn Salinas
The Philippines

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