Is your joy found in God or in worldly things?

My real joy comes from God. In God there is peace and happiness. I know he loves me and this great love I can’t find in other people or things. Worldly temptations can be a destruction for me because I can’t focus in my daily prayers or my Sunday activities like Bible studies and attending Mass. I am happy with my relationship in God where I can find joy and live simple in his presence. 

 — Maricris Aguiflor

erving in the Church as an altar server for six years, I feel the presence of God as I give him my first priority. My faith in God helps me in everything – my relationship with others, my friends, and my family. I have positive thoughts, love and joy in my heart. We can also have a better relationship with our employer if we have happiness within us. On the other hand, we cannot deny that our gadgets or the new social media may draw our attention from God. However we can use the worldly technology in a good way. For example in Facebook, we can share prayers and good thoughts. If you have faith the joy is there, even though you may have many problems and worries, you still feel happy because God is in you.

— Regina Baltazar

It is God’s desire that the Word of God enter into us, change us and make us joyful. Jesus himself makes clear how important joy is in the lives of his disciples. Jesus repeatedly speaks of joy at the Last Supper. In John 15:11, Jesus says, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete.” Jesus says these words even though he knew that he is soon to suffer and die on the Cross. And he knows that his disciples will die as martyrs. In the same chapter of John’s Gospel, Jesus predicts that the world will hate them, in the same way as it has hated him. But joy in God keeps your sacrifices worthwhile. If you lost your joy that could be a sign that God is not in your heart.

Franzien Carabbacan

I feel the joy in God within myself whenever I do something good for others. Also, I feel joyful and grateful to God when I have overcome different problems and go on with my life. Through the smiles and support of other people I can also feel the joy in him. I am able to smile in return because it is sometimes like a miracle to receive kindness from others. I believe that the source of kindness and joy comes from our God. Lastly, my inner joy springs up from my family because God never fails to pour grace and blessings to my family which makes me feel thankful and joyful in him. 

Frankly, I find joy in worldly things too but I know it is just temporary, unlike the joy I feel in God.

— Analyn Pelovello

God is always the source of my joy and strength. My heart trusts in him and I get my help from him. Every word of God I hear makes my mind at ease and peace. It gives me plenty of reasons to live and to go through my difficulties in life. In every step or every move I make, I always feel the warm embrace of God’s love. I also believe that pursuing God in life is a great experience with delight and fulfillment. 

On the other hand, if one finds joy only in worldly things, ignore the existence of God, and pursue position, fame and worldly pleasure, life can end up with regret. Because worldly things will not last forever and after they are gone, an emptiness within the inner self will appear. 

— Juliene Te 


Author: SundayExam