How I spend my Sunday off?

Our weekly day off is the best time for us to relax ourselves, do some important personal errands, and gain more energy to prepare ourselves for the following days of work. I attend the Mass and afterwards it is my free time to do whatever I want to, like meeting friends and making remittances. Sometimes I prefer to stay in my own room, sleep and talk through video calls to my loved ones back home. 

— Cristy Delantero

My Sunday off starts with attending a Mass. it is important for me because I want to seek God first before anything else. Serving God as a choir member is a way to thank him for all the blessings I receive from him. Singing and praising God also helps me to relax physically, mentally and emotionally after days of hard work. 

— Arlyn dela Pena

After a long week of work I schedule my Sunday off with a lot of plans. I spend most of my time in my parish, St. Peter’s church, Aberbeen, not just attending Mass but serving as a group member of the Sunday morning group.  I feel relaxed and happy. I am comfortable with my group as we have great bonding. But of course I am not inside the church all the time, I roamed around with my friends and see friends in other churches as well. I also spend some Sundays in charity work. My Sunday is fruitful and happy as I am resting with the Lord.   

 — Marivic Canasa

Every Sunday morning, I attend the Mass. I offer my prayer to give thanks and worship to our God. Working six days a week is quite hard but during my day off I surrender all my worries and problems to the Lord by means of praying. I am also a choir member so I need to practice songs for the next week on Sundays. I also like to join other parish activities. I am thankful that my holiday is on Sunday so that I have more chances to listen and learn about God’s words, which help me to increase my faith in him.

— Juvilyn Embing

I do not have a regular Sunday off because my duty is to take care of an elderly. However, on my weekly day off, I usually go to the church and attend Mass. If there are some onging events in the parish, I will attend them. If time allows I will also join the activities sponsored by other organisations. Before the day ends I will spend time chatting with my husband and son.              

— Emily Hallazgo

I am too excited for Sunday because it is my holiday. On Sunday morning, I pray to God asking him to guide me in my day outside especially in the present situation in Hong Kong. I attend Mass and share my problems to God so that when I leave the church I will have peace of mind. Then I will have my swimming class for an hour. I meet some friends afterwards. One important thing is to be careful with people we meet on Sundays as not all are trustworthy. Holiday is also a day for us to go to the consulate if we need help.        

— Maydelen Repompo

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