Are you happy in your community?

Being away from my family, living alone because of work is never easy. It is quite depressing at times. No one will be taking care of you when you are sick. You have to do all the usual things like preparing meals, doing the dishes, washing clothes, and others. You have no choice but to do all! I am definitely happy with my present community.

I have a group that listens to my concerns. We hang out sometimes, and they cheer me up when I feel low or homesick. I could say motivation overcomes depression.

Jeff Aguinaldo

For me I’m proud to say that I’m very happy and blessed to be a part of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Saturday English-speaking Community. It is in this community that my talent for singing has grown. One time I was given the opportunity to sing solo vocal at the Mass.  And then after I uploaded the video to the Facebook, I was surprised that the number of viewers reached 2.4k. I did not expect it and many sent me nice messages after being inspired by the song. I was overjoyed that I had become an inspiration to give hope for the people. I also learned how to play guitar and other musical instrument. 

When you go to the church, build strong friendship and then a strong sense of belonging to the community can be developed. The sense of belonging can bring real joy to one’s life. I have learned so many good things, how to be a good person, respect others, forgive and love. I don’t feel I am alone here in Hong Kong because my community makes me feel that we are one big and happy family.

— Rosella Ayala

I have an amazing community and I am very happy with them. Whenever I have some problems, personal or emotional, I ask them for help and to pray for me. Every week, I look forward to meet them and I am excited. I am very grateful to be with this community, a group of prayerful and loving people. I enjoy serving in the church along with them. They also help me grow in my faith to the Lord. I feel being with my community is like being in my own home. We treat one another like a family.

— Beatriz Ganotizi

I  joined my present community the St. Thomas English Community Group in Tsing Yi since 1999. I started first by being with the choir. After some time I joined the readers’ group and at present I am in the Eucharistic Ministry. The community is my second family here in Hong Kong. I stay in the community during my day off. I have met several friends here. It was in this community too that I first attended a Life in the Spirit Seminar and by the grace of God it was in this seminar that my life was renewed. I surrendered my old self completely to the Lord. We also have spiritual nourishment as we have invited teachers to give us spiriitual talks and also cathechism classes. We pray together, praise and worship the Lord as one family. Every week I look forward to being with the group. I am happy serving the Lord through this community. When I got sick they were there to visit me in the hospital and they gave me their tender, loving care. When I feel low, they are here to give me comfort. I am so grateful to God for leading me to this community.

— Divina Merida

Yes, I am. Here I have family. They comfort me when I need someone to talk with. It makes my life happier. In the community I can also be protected from the outside world especially the protest that is ongoing in Hong Kong. But even without the protest I am happy spending time in the parish and join the activities like the spiritual formation offered and most especially the Sunday Mass. Life have many ups and down but in my community, they give me hope and strength. The community members are the ones who welcome me for who I am. They love me and protect me. I am thankful to God for the chance to be part of this community. It is my comfort zone for many years .

— Jane Siasol

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