New Year wish for my community

For nine months in Hong Kong the members of my community here have been my true friends. They help me to overcome my homesickness and they are always there to listen if I need someone to talk to.  I am thankful that they are here for me. I wish good health for all of us in the year ahead and be strong in any situation. 

I also pray for our families. I wish that they will continue to support and understand us. I wish that they will be able to encourage us when we feel homesick. Above all, I thank God for guiding me this 2019 and I pray that he will continue to guide my family, my friends and me for the coming year 2020.

— Cecil Buena

M  y New Year wish to my community especially to those who are losing hope and undergoing depression is that we can be strong before trials as the community is here to help. I wish that this New Year will give hope to them so that they can feel less stressful when they meet their own or family problems and have a peaceful mind. May we be able to keep the faith and be strong to face any trials that come along in life. Working abroad is not easy and joining a community is one way to help and overcome homesickness. I hope our members will continue to build the relationship in the community for its betterment. Happy New Year and Mabuhay to us modern heroes of the Philippines. 

— Jeny Estoque

My wish for my community in Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Tai Po is that we may continue to share the love and be kind to every fellow migrant workers who need help in spiritual or moral aspects. I also wish to have a peaceful working place, good health and more blessings to come to all of us my fellow overseas Filipino workers. God bless us and Happy New Year!

— Meldy Lachica

I wish that our community will be able to recruit more members so that it will grow in the year ahead. We need more members as some of our former members do not have their holidays on Sundays any more and some have gone home for good. 

About what to accomplish in 2020, I wish that our community will stay stronger, better, and that members can love and help one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. 

As a choir member I wish that we can improve because some of our members are new and not familiar with the songs. I always pray that we can sing well during the Mass. I also pray to God to guide and protect all of us always.

— Sally del Rosario

I   wish that members can have a peaceful year with unity and may each one of us have a heart to love and care for one another.  I wish that we can be strong no matter what trials come along, have a strong faith and seek the guidance of the Lord in every decision to make. I also wish that we will understand one another’s weaknesses and consider the well being and welfare of all. I hope that we can be an example showing how to surrender our lives to God because this is what he wants us to do for ourselves and our community.

— Charity May Vinoya

‘How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!’ — Psalm 133:1

Author: SundayExam