Caritas Pakistan celebrates its volunteers

KARACHI (UCAN): Caritas Pakistan recognised the outstanding performance of its volunteers in helping the needy as it celebrated International Volunteer Day in collaboration with Caritas Research and Training Centre, Caritas Austria, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency and European Union Aid Volunteers at Christ the King Seminary in Karachi, on December 7.

Volunteers received awards and certificates at the event to mark their contributions.

“I am happy that the Catholic Church is aware of the needs of the people and I really appreciate the work of Caritas Pakistan for its service and help to the poor in our society,” a senator, Anwar Lal Deen, told the people at the event.

“The One million trees campaign from 2016 to 2019, launched by Caritas, shows the love and care it has for the country,” he said.

Father Kamran Taj, rector of Christ the King Seminary, congratulated all the volunteers for their dedication in serving the most vulnerable sections of society.

Mansha Noor, executive secretary of Caritas Pakistan Karachi, urged volunteers to continue the remarkable jobs they have been doing.

Noman Peter of the National Commission for Justice and Peace said that for the Church a volunteer is someone who renders a service or takes part in a transaction while having no legal concern or interest.

“Often within a Church, volunteers are members that want to use their talents or their background to aid the people and fulfill its needs with service and actions rather than money,” he said.

Daniel Bashir, a Catholic doctor at Jinnah Hospital, said that “volunteerism starts with positive thinking and with your own initiative; it’s actually thanking your own talents which are God gifted in you.”

“A volunteer is generous, aware of needs, has a spirit of working in a team and is ready to serve people in his or her own time,” he added.

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