Remember to say thank you

Showing appreciation is not only a good way to develop a good relationship with others, it is also a must if we want to develop faith in God. 

Quarrels may start between couples or in a workplace when one can only see what additional chores or tasks he or she needs to do, complain about the negligence of others but ignore what others have done. The feeling of being unappreciated after spending efforts at work or in a family can cause pain and hurt to the other side. On the other hand, a small “thank you” can make any efforts worthwhile.

Before different sources of stress in life, we may also be ungrateful before God. We may forget what God has done for us, and complained about the problems before us which has caused us a big headache. 

If we can calm down and have faith before trials, we may discover that it is not difficult to say “thank you” to God and to people around us. All it takes is to cool down our head with a deep breath, a smile or a joke. 

 Remember a simple “thank you” means a lot. 

Gloria Ruiz

Author: SundayExam