When do you find it difficult to love others?

When we are deeply hurt we are not able to love the person who caused the pain. For some people who don’t understand the meaning of love there is no room for forgiveness. But healing comes as time passes by. I do not find it hard to love specially if I truly love that person. Yes I admit sometimes I feel hurt but if I learn how to forgive, loving is not difficult. I try to think of the good times we had and not brood over the times my feelings were hurt. As Christians we are reminded to love even our enemies. If we love our Lord we will love also our neighbours.

— Ana Grace Mendoza

In my case I found it difficult to love my husband who had been unfaithful to me. The only time I was able to love him again was when he came back to our family, and asked for my forgiveness. I thought about the good side of him and was able to forgive and love him again. Forgiving or giving love was hard if I only remembered the hurts he had caused. For the peace and good of our family, specially our children, I forgave him and accepted him again. Now our family is complete.

— Sally Abanes

Sometimes there are things happening in our lives that are really hard to accept.  When we are betrayed, insulted or under attack, we feel the pain in our hearts and it is hard to love. As for myself, when I find it difficult to love I pray. As a Christian I have this devotion that no matter how hurt I feel, at the end of the day I still have an urging feelings of forgiveness. The faith that we have in God is really a strong bond among people. Just show simple affection and care to a person. Help others in small ways. This can be one way to overcome the difficulties to love

— Lynrose Bangalisan

Sometimes I find it difficult to express my love though the love is there. Though it is not easy at times to love specially if I am hurt by people I love, as a Christian I pray for confidence and wisdom to forgive and be able to share love even in the midst of emotional difficulties

Esther Enciso

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If I find it hard to love someone or share the love that is needed by a Christian, I pray, talk to God and ask for his forgiveness. I will reflect by myself that love is God’s greatest gift to us. I must learn to let go so I can give back again the love that I have to share, learn to forget so it will lighten the burden inside me. Time heals and forgiving is a process. Love can be considered as one of the powerful feelings of mankind. Just trust and have faith in God.

— Leony Garcia

If I feel difficult to love some people, I need to pray for them. It is easy to say forgive, but in reality it is difficult specially I have experienced deep hurts. In that case, I need to forgive and love myself first. Keep a cool distance from a person who deeply hurt us and let the anger slowly simmer down. Love first those who are deserving my love. God is always there for me. Love our family, our friends who comforted us during our lowest moments in life. I tell myself not to worry because I am not the only person who experienced hurts. 

— Jennyvle Modesto

If I feel difficult to love I try to be positive. I divert myself to other things like attending training and seminars. It hurts. Forgive people even though they hurt me repeatedly. For the sake of peace in heart, I need to let go. I have to move on with my own life. If the other party cannot be kind to me, then I must be kind to myself. God will heal the scar and wounds inflicted upon me. I keep distance from those who do not like me. Life must go on.

— Ginalyn Saldevar

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