Great is your faithfulness

Even if the horizon we cannot see, and the night is still long, dark and stormy we must remember God’s faithfulness as he holds our destiny

Great is your faithfulness oh God Almighty
Upon your own children who ask for mercy
Bringing our earnest petitions and entreaty
Singing you hymns of joy, praises and glory

The sun rises in wings of hope everyday
Following your bidding without fail or delay
The morning dew nourishes every plant and tree
To provide sustenance to our necessity

So blessed and forever grateful we will be
Oh Heavenly Father who loves us so dearly
For you’ve been our refuge in time of calamity
And our shield against the dart of the adversary

You work quietly in ways we cannot see
Using divine channels and human agency
Touching hearts in order to make a way
Opening locked doors in answer to our plea

We rejoice knowing we can trust you completely
Even though we may not understand fully
Your great purposes behind this harsh reality
So we will just rest in your love and wait patiently

Emilie Coo
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