Proud farmer

When Covid-19 hit the Philippines in early March, schools closure was ordered at once. And for the same reason, school opening can be delayed. Graduation rites was not held. Graduates this year were not able to be honoured on stage on the special day of their lives, while some schools tried to do it through the social media. This is supposed to be the big celebration of achievements and success for all their labour, hardwork and sacrifices all those years. Somehow excitement turned to disappointment, but as always it is better to follow the order of the government and stay safe than to feel sorry afterwards. 

Businesses of all kinds had stopped operation. Losses were unspeakably huge. Many lost jobs too. I too closed my small snack house business. So I lost a source of daily income, and I fully understand the pain of all those who lost their jobs. 

We are not alone because this is a worldwide crisis. What is good about being into business is that money is fast and every day you are counting money, be it big or small. It may sound easy but it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. 

When lockdown was imposed and implemented, life did not stop there. It may have paralysed our lives for some time but it cannot do so permanently. We still have ways and means to support and sustain life. 

From small business I swifted my attention to my farm. I devoted my time to planting vegetables, crops and fruit bearing trees. They are indeed life in time of pandemic. We also raised chicken so that we can have its eggs or meat for food. I am never ashamed to tell the world that I am a farmer. I toil soil and work under sun and rain. 

What is important is that we are happy with what we are doing. I find peace communicating with green nature daily. I never get tired of the view every day. The crops get more beautiful and plentiful every passing day. I just love everything God has made and created. It is full of life and beauty. Nature is the best outlet to rest our tired body, weary hearts and restless spirits. 

We pray that medical experts will  discover cure or vaccine for this coronavirus. We are exhausted in our pandemic fight but we never lose faith that everything will be back to normal in God’s time. 

Lynn Salinas
The Philippines

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