Hold on to my dream to serve God

A party to celebrate the success of the summer class at Holy Family parish, Choi Hung.

The second year of the English Summer Class at Holy Family parish. Choi Hung, ended successfully through the efforts of Father Johnson Dhos, the parish priest, our assistant parish priest Father John Ba and parishioners who willingly shared their time and knowledge to around 16 children who attended the class.

I can say the class on every Sunday was meaningful not only for us but also for the children. They learned some prayers, songs and basic English concepts. The children are divided according to their age. I handled children aged three to four together with Carol Villar. Every Sunday I gave them a simple worksheet to fill in colours, numbers and alphabets. I was so inspired because at their young age they are really attentive in listening to us and carefully following instructions of our activities. 

It gave me a reason not to give up on my dreams to become a teacher someday. If it is God’s will, my daughter Jenny will finish her bachelor programme in secondary education next year. Hopefully after her graduation I will be able to continue my studies.

For now, I am willing fully to share my time and all the gifts God has given to me with others. Hebrew 13:16 says, “Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

I am looking forward for next year’s summer class! 

                    Sheryl Reyes
Love of God Prayer Group, Choi Hung

Author: SundayExam