Chancery Notice: New pastoral measures in view of the Novel coronavirus outbreak

As the situation of the Coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong is getting more
and more critical, Cardinal John Tong, taking into account the emergency
measures enforced by the Government and after due consultation with medical professionals , has approved the following new pastoral measures:

1.    In order that gatherings involving a large number of people may be
minimized, the faithful may adopt either of the following alternatives to
attending Sunday Mass:
a.    Watching the Sunday Mass Webcast (in Chinese or English: and receive Holy Communion spiritually; OR
b.    Meditating on the Sunday liturgical text, reading the Bible or saying
the Rosary.

2.    Those members of the faithful who have visited a region affected by
the Coronavirus within 14 days, or have travelled abroad, or have contacted
people suspected to be infected by the Coronavirus, should not attend Mass,
but they are obliged to follow the provision in Item 1 above.

3.    Those members of the faithful who are unwell, or are chronically ill,
or are worried that they might be infected by the Coronavirus while staying
outdoor, are also advised not to attend Mass, but they are obliged to follow
the provision in Item 1 above.

4.    The arrangements for Sunday and weekday Masses in churches and chapels
remain unchanged.  However, members of the faithful who continue to attend
Sunday or weekday Masses should put on face masks, pay attention to public
hygiene and keep some distance between themselves and others.  Singing is
suspended (except for the “Alleluia” and “the Mystery of Faith”).

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5.    Parishes should maintain public hygiene in compliance with the
Pastoral Guidelines announced on 27 January 2020.

The arrangements for the Season of Lent and Holy Week will be announced in due course.  The faithful should continue to pray that the Lord will protect the regions affected by the Coronavirus, so that they may have a speedy deliverance from the viral epidemic.

Chancery chop

Given at the Chancery Office,
6 February 2020

Rev. Lawrence LEE  


Author: SundayExam