Dealing with a co-worker under the same roof…

In order to get along well, cooperation and understanding is important. It is good to practise give and take. When one commits a mistake, do not be too quick to judge and talk nicely to find a solution to resolve the problem. Being open with each other is important. If you are free and another is busy, offer help to her even it is not your work. Good communication and avoid competition at work is the best way to prevent conflicts.     

— Maribel Malabanan

I have been working with another Filipino worker for 12 years and we are enjoying the company of each other. Our workload becomes lighter as we assist one another. To avoid conflict with another Filipino worker in the house, the best thing to do is to have mutual understanding and a friendly rapport. Jealousy, competition and speaking ill of each other before the employer is not good and can only give headache to the employer. Share what you know with each other.

— Maria Lefa Gedoria

Gossiping to the employer and jealousy are some of the reasons why two workers cannot work with the same employer. Remember that we are both away from our own country and are abroad. Therefore, we should take care of each other and work well to perform our duties. Openness and honesty in dealing with one another can avoid conflict. We should also help each other to carry out the workload.

For me, I do not show my co-worker any laziness. If I show laziness, my companion might do the same. At the very start, we agreed on keeping a good working relationship with one another.

— Maria Edingrus Tabat 

It is important to learn how to give and take if we want to keep a good relationship with our co-worker. It is also good to be humble and treat your co-worker as your own sister. We should help and share responsibilities together. If your companion is new, teach her the daily working routine she is required to do. Do not forget to respect each other. Be a good listener and be understanding. If she makes a mistake, correct her in a nice way. Pray together if chances allow.

— Gleen Apit

I  think in order to have harmony at work with a co-worker, the two workers need to have proper division of labour to avoid competition or neglience of duties. They should also manage their time in working and make their work flexible.  

— Cita Adina

Author: SundayExam