Philippine Coronavirus patient recovers, Singapore leader issues video message

Singapore’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, addressed his people’s concerns over the country’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus in a video broadcast on February 8. Screen capture off YouTube

HONG KONG (SE): A 38-year-old Chinese tourist, the first Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV) case in the Philippines, has recovered. A report in The Guardian, reported on February 8 that the last examination conducted on her on February 6, indicated that she displayed no symptoms and tested negative for the virus. She may be discharged soon.

It reported Dr. Edsel Salvana, director of the University of the Philippines’ Institute of Molecular Biology as saying, “This shows the novel coronavirus is not uniformly fatal and that recovery is more likely than dying from the disease.”

He stressed. “Please don’t panic and don’t share fake news.”

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Meanwhile, the prime minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, issued a video message on February 8 reassuring the public, but cautioning against fear and anxiety, noting that fear could do more damage than the virus itself:

Lee said: “So there is no need to panic. We are not locking down the city or confining everybody to stay at home. We have ample supplies, so there is no need to stock up with instant noodles, tinned food, or toilet paper, as some people did yesterday.”

He reminded Singaporeans to do their part by observing personal hygiene, taking their temperature twice daily, and avoiding crowded places if they are sick, seeing a doctor immediately.

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Author: SundayExam