Do you pray to​ saints?

We all need the prayer and guidance of the saints to protect us from the evil. Every patron saint can give us specific help. They are examples that the impossible can be made possible because God is the centre of their lives and that their great love and strong faith in him is more precious than their own lives.

— Anesia Biadog

As Catholics we grew up and practised our faith with the guidance of our grand parents. It is important as they taught us how to pray and to follow the footsteps of the saints as a good example. As I grew up, my faith in Jesus also became stronger and I love to spend time praying to him. We also have images of saints in our small altar where I also love to pray. In the Apostles’ Creed we acknowledge our belief in the communion of saints. In times when I encounter personal challenges in life, invoking for the intercession of the saints makes me feel relieved. Prayer is my comfort zone and it gives me hope as I feel God’s love.

— Carmela Cadiz

We are guided by the life of the saints and get inspired by the strong love they had for the Lord. Even though we do not know them, their life stories and footsteps are there for us to follow. We pray for the special grace to learn from their virtues and to be like them so that we can continue their mission.

— Liza Florante

I  only pray to God. There is nothing wrong in involving the help of the saints but personally I do not have the habit of praying to saints. The most important thing is we have faith and we follow the teachings of God and thank him for his love.
 — Leslie Dizon

Before praying to the saints, we need to know about their lives, like what they represented, their experiences in life that challenge us and their virtues for us to follow. These factors help us look at our situations with  better perspectives. Saints are our intercessors with God, thus we bring our prayers to them for protection, comfort and inspirations. They serve as examples in building and living my faith in God while I am alive.

— Angeline Penafiel

Prayer is a form of communication and through this intercession, we are seeking help from the saints to pray for us and bring us closer to Christ.

 — Rachelle Piccio

P raying to the saints can shape our personalities. We can learn a lot of lessons from their lives and make them our role models. Some saints have been helping me to become a better person with their examples. We can also ask for their intercessions with faith.

 — Esmiralda Gargoles

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