How do you prevent coronavirus infection?

I  think practising good personal hygiene tops the list of preventive measures against the Wuhan coronavirus. We are not and will never be sure of what we handle is clean or not. We cannot judge with our eyes. We should wash our hands before and after eating even without this current outbreak. We should also eat nutritious food and drink more water to boost our immune system. Wearing surgical mask comes third. At the same time be concerned about people around us. We should also avoid crowded places or big gatherings.

— Delbert Boncan

Every day we need to be careful and be more conscious of our personal hygiene as well as that of our surroundings. We need to put masks every time we go out. When we return home we need to wash our hands before touching anything. We need to be concerned about our health and if we have cough, fever, headache or feeling sick, we need to see the doctor. Always use disinfectants to clean the house.

I will drink more water and will not eat in a restaurant. I will eat in the church since most groups cook lunch and dinner there. It is better and safe to stay in the church than going to crowded places. It is not a problem for me to go out on holidays despite the government’s proposal for foreign domestic workers to refrain from going out during their holidays, as I have discussed with my employer and agreed to make the precautions. 

— Cynthia Jaqueca

It is important to wear a mask every time we go out. We also need to wash our hands with soap before eating or after returning home. If we go out it is good to have a hand sanitiser or a bottle of alcohol inside our bags. As for the government suggestion that we should avoid going out on our holiday, I think it is good. It’s alright and better to stay at home for the safety of my health. It depends on the mutual agreement made between the employer and the worker on whether the worker can have her day off outside.

— Carolina Maglalang

With the ongoing epidemic, wearing masks, proper washing of hands, sanitising our home are all important. Even our pet dog needs to be sprayed with alcohol once we get back from our daily walks. It is also important to avoid going to crowded places. My employer is happy when I go for a hike but I do not know if I will be allowed to go to church on Sundays because she is worried about the risk of being infected in the crowd. We can discuss this matter and I will tell her that I will return home after Mass.

— Glenda Salazar

Different viruses always exist. There is no need to panic if we have done enough safety precautionary measures. It is reasonable for employees to remind their domestic workers to take extra precautionary measures especially during their days off. It is also for our own benefit so we should be grateful to them. Proper hygiene is very important. We should wash our hands thoroughly with soap and water. Rub our hands with at least 75 per cent alcohol if soap and water are not available. Wear a mask especially in public places and try to avoid crowded areas. Never forget to close the lid when we flush a public toilet.

I think if we are told by the employer to stay at home, we better follow the advice as they are more informed about the situation of the virus than us. Some people are worried that if they stay at home they may end up working without being paid. It is up to them to decide but for me health is more important. Try to take some vitamins as it can help also to strengthen our immune system. Stay happy and optimistic no matter how difficult the situation is and most of all, have faith in God. No matter how strong the virus is, if you believe and trust in God everything will be alright.

— Maria Ocheda

Author: SundayExam