Archdiocese of Seoul helps replenish blood banks

SEOUL (UCAN): The Archdiocese of Seoul, South Korea, has been helping with blood donations after they fell sharply during the Covid-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak.

Its One Body, One Spirit life group, which is chaired by Auxiliary Bishop Timothy Yu Gyoung-chon of Seoul, held an event called Myeongdong, Spread Love with Blood Donation in Myeongdong, Seoul, on May 13.

Many of the faithful, including priests, religious and archdiocesan staff visited a blood donation bus set up by the organisation in cooperation with BloodNet of Korea and donated their blood on site.

A life-sharing campaign booth gave visitors counselling on organ or stem cell donations.

“The blood supply has been running low due to the prolonged Covid-19 crisis and the delay of schools opening,” a campaign organiser explained, adding, “Even when the coronavirus outbreak is contained, it’s likely the blood supply will be disrupted because medical institutions and hospitals will then restart postponed operations, thus increasing demand for blood transfusions.”

Religious activities resumed as social and economic life gathered steam after authorities lifted restrictions on public meetings on April 26 following a drop in virus infections.

The Archdiocese of Seoul was among the first to resume Masses on April 23 and conducted Sunday Mass on April 26. However it insisted on the registration of worshipers to restrict their numbers. The dioceses of Cheongju and Jeonju resumed public services on April 28.

Church and civil authorities have asked people to wear masks and keep social distancing norms within churches as a precaution.

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